Download Burp Suite 2022 to check website security

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Download Burp Suite 2022 can be used to test the security of a website. Few tools can measure the penetration level of a site. This program claims to be able to perform all types of tests, from initial analysis through finding weaknesses and exploiting them in this program. This feature allows you to avoid having to open separate programs for each item. 

BurpSuite’s risk assessment is based on the weaknesses of a system and BurpSuite makes recommendations based on this. The tool is not only full of features but also looks great. The program is broken down into sections that are easy to understand and have full explanations. The program guide will provide you with all the information you need about any section. This program is capable of performing a variety of tests and has a good penetration testing capability using the Bratforce Method. This program is recommended if you work in cybersecurity, or want to measure the safety of your website. It combines beauty and simplicity with a lot of functionality.

Download Burp Suite 2022

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Burp suite 

  • Crawler pages that are powerful
  • A website scanner that can detect security flaws automatically
  • Test custom and targeted attacks on specific targets with the right tool
  • Test the permeability by force of the sensitive areas of the site
  • Use the Repeating Tool to repeat a request several times
  • Check the randomness of web pages with this tool
  • Ability to save and continue work at another time
  • The program is very flexible (you can write your own plugins and create custom tests to meet your needs).

Download Burp Suite Professional Version 2022.8.1

Size: 400MB

Link to download Google Drive: DOWNLOAD

Download Burp Suite Professional Version 2021.2 Build 5169 Full Crack

Size: 400MB

Download Google Drive using

Link to download Mega: DOWNLOAD

Installation guide

  • Install Java first
  • Then run in Java, See here for how to run in Java

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