Foto Sketcher 3.8 Software convert photos into paintings

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Foto Sketcher 3.8 Software

Foto Sketcher 3.8 Software is a free program that transforms images from the computer into beautiful paintings using simple operations. It has many organized and streamlined editing features. FotoSketcher is compatible with three image formats: JPG, BMP, and PNG. Create stunning photos to give as gifts to friends and family. You can create birthday cards, holiday cards or just print and hang your artwork on the wall.

There are many styles to choose from: pencil paintings and pens. Users can also enhance the original photograph with simple tools. (such as increasing contrast and sharpness, simplifying photographs, increasing brightness, and increasing color intensity will be greeted by a simple and intuitive interface after installing FotoSketcher on your device. FotoSketcher offers many editing options, but it is easy to use.

FotoSketcher is not only designed to turn any user into an artist but also offers impressive filters, photo editing, and retouching support. These include automatic contrast adjustment and color saturation. It can resize and rotate photos, add diverse frames, and even add text. Over 20 languages are supported by the program

 FotoSketcher 3.8

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Features and Benefits of FotoSketcher

  • You can edit the image source
  • Supports three image formats: JPG, BMP, and PNG.
  • Three completely different interfaces
  • 20+ unique painting styles
  • Supports three image formats, namely JPG (JPG), BMP (BMP), and PNG
  • Edit and retouch your photos
  • Filters and effects that are impressive
  • Runs on Windows and Mac OS

FotoSketcher 3.8

Size: 34 MB

Download Google Drive (for Windows) using

FotoSketcher Win/Mac 3.7

Size: 34 MB

Download Google Drive (for Windows) using

Link to download Google Drive (for Mac): DOWNLOAD

Installation guide

  • This is freeware.
  • Use an installation that doesn’t always require installation

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