BIAS FX 2.5.1 Software to play guitar on the computer

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BIAS FX 2.5.1 Software to play guitar on the computer

BIAS FX 2.5.1 Software is an award-winning amp and effects processor. It can transform your computer into a fully customized guitar and bass setup.

Positive Grid BIAS enables you to record tracks that have the highest sound quality. Positive Grid FX has the most advanced algorithms developed from years of audio signal processing research. It provides realistic and detailed simulations for analog pedals and studio rack gear. The software also has two signal paths, full integration with Amp BIAS, and allows you to use Amp Match models.

The BIABIAS FX 2.5.1 Software to play guitar on the computer S FX 2 is a comprehensive HD amps, effects, and stands collection. With our newly-introduced Guitar Match Technology, it’s a great one-stop shop to help any guitarist or bassist create their dream timbres. The BIAS FX 2 is the leading virtual amplification solution in the world. It offers a wide range of HD amplifiers, effects, and stands, and with our newly introduced Guitar Match technology, it’s a one-stop shop for any guitarist or bassist looking 

to create their dream timbres.

Guitar Match analyses the overall response of your guitar and transforms it into one of 18 hand-picked legendary axes. The algorithm can simulate many different body shapes, pickup truck configurations, and wood tones. No special pickups are required.

BIAS FX uses the same amp engine that powers BIAS AMP 2. This means you can access a library of over 100 new component-level amps. These range from clean classic sound to high-gain modern amps, to acoustic and bass amps.

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Size: 965 Mb

Google Drive: DOWNLOAD | Mega: DOWNLOAD

Positive Grid FX

Size: 741 Mb

Google Drive: DOWNLOAD | Mega: DOWNLOAD

Installation guide for version 2.5.1

  • Next, install the software.
  • Click Register and run the keygen.
  • Finish

Installation guide for version

  • Download and unzip
  • Install the software and do not open it after installation
  • The default installation directory is CProgram FilesBIAS 2 Application (64bit).
  • Log in with Facebook or create an account.
  • CompleteThe wait has finally ended! The first cross-platform amplifier and effects processor, BIAS FX, is now available as a standalone application for Mac/PC. BIAS FX Standalone is the simplest method to utilize BIAS FX desktop: no need for a DAW, simply plug and play! If you have already purchased BIAS FX as a desktop plug-in, you can download the standalone version at no additional cost.
  • BIAS FX Professional now supports MIDI and automation. MIDI and automation allow you to manage BIAS FX as if it were a genuine guitar amp/pedalboard setup, toggle pedals on/off in real time, apply expression effects, swap between pedals, assign various parameters, and more. And if you already have BIAS FX Pro as a plug-in, simply update to the newest version and MIDI/Automation will appear.

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