Download Cockos Recorder 6.68 for recording and audio editing

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Download Cockos Recorder 6.68 allows you to record multi-track audio, edit it, and display it. Cockos REAPER has a large feature set, including multiple effects and a project sample. REAPER is compatible with ASIO, Kernel Streaming (KSS), WaveOut, and DirectSound. It can read WAV, MP3, OGG, and other audio files. Audio processing plug-ins DirectX and Jesusonic (audio processing) allow you to sort items into any number and any number tracks.REAPER is known for its full feature set and versatility. 

Download Cockos Recorder 6.68

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  • Flexible routing
  • Fast editing, no tools required
  • Supports multiple hardware devices (almost any audio interface or external hardware)
  • Support for VST, DX, DXi, and VSTi effects
  • ReaPlugs 64-Bit Effects High-Quality Suite
  • The installer is encrypted at just under 2MB.
  • Editing Features:
    • Clicking on the mouse interface is not as easy without the tools.
    • Drag and drop to import files directly into the project
    • Mixing any file type/sampling/bitdepth combinations per track
    • Each item can be easily split, moved and resized. Fades and volumes are easy to manipulate.
    • Tabs to support airy configuration and edit crossfading automatically when overlapped
  • Changes in pitch and duration per item
  • Group items arbitrary
  • Markers and envelopes are moved in sync with editing operations
  • Ripple Edits, Moves/Deletes Arbitrary Items Affecting:
  • There are multiple time and time signatures for each project
  • Ability to edit and identify projects by areas

Download Cockos REAPER 6.68

Size: 3 MB

Link to download Google Drive: DOWNLOAD

Download Cockos REAPER 6.65

Size: 3 MB

Link to download Google Drive: DOWNLOAD

Download Cockos REAPER 6.29

Size: 3 MB

Link to download Google Drive: DOWNLOAD | Link to download Mega: DOWNLOAD

Use instructions

  • Software installation
  • Click Patch to select the file in CProgram FilesREAPER(x64).
  • Click Generate to create the license file
  • Click the Import license key when you open the Cockos Cockos REAPER program.
  • Click on the newly created license file.
  • Complete

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