Download Figr Collage 3.6 – Photo collage Software

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Download Figr Collage 3.6 Professional /Home /Advanced Edition allows for quick and easy collage creation.

You don’t have to be a computer expert to create impressive collages.

It’s not worth taking a lot photos if they aren’t displayed. Collages can be the perfect way to display them, especially if your use FigrCollage to design them into a specific shape.

Even if you are a newbie to PC, the installation process is smooth. The graphical interface of FigrCollage is also very easy to use, as all the steps are clearly visible.

It is not worth taking many pictures if they are never displayed. A collage is the perfect way to display them, especially when you use FigrCollage to design them into a particular shape.

Straightforward Guide

Even if you’re a PC newbie, the installation process will run smoothly. The graphical interface in FigrCollage is also very easy to use, since all the steps are clearly visible.

Select the source images by either dragging them to the panel or browsing to the location of the files. Then, select the desired shape and create the collage.

Customization options are endless

FigrCollage has a lot of customization options, so it can be difficult to choose the right shape. If you don’t like the shapes included, you can create a new shape from scratch, or adjust an existing one to your liking. You can also enter text as the shape.

You can then specify the size of the layout, the orientation overall, the style of the cells, the size and type source photos, as well as the maximum rotation. You can change the background color, borders and shadows of your collage.

Amazing results

You will only appreciate FigrCollage’s plethora customization options when you begin to experiment with them. This app is designed to make the best of your photos. You can be confident that a collage with a custom-made shape will attract the attention you want in the shortest amount of time.Download Figr Collage 3.6

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Features and Benefits of FigrCollage

  • Simple Interface
  • Customization options are endless
  • Amazing results

Download FigrCollage 3.3.6

Size: 56

Link Terabox: DOWNLOAD

Installation guide

  • Software installation
  • Copy the Fix folder file (version selection) into the software installation directory
  • Complete

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