Download MATLAB R2020a R2020b Installation guide

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Download MATLAB R2020a R2020b this is MathWorks’ latest software suite with many new and improved features. The new version offers greater working efficiency and many features that are in line with science and technology development.

Mathworks MATLAB R2020a can also be used for robotics, machine learning, signal analysis, and robotics. This app was designed by scientists and engineers. This app uses electronics and technology in order to cover the various areas of development. This amazing program allows users to create scripts and direct outputs. This program helps create charts that are different. Users can now handle all tools with the new toolbox.

MATLAB R2020b offers access to many languages and integrations, including Java, C++, and Lua. This program offers many features, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Signal Processing (Signal Processing), and Data Mining. It can therefore handle many different features and functionality that may be needed by different people at the same. The highlight will impress everyone.

Download MATLAB R2020a R2020b

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New Features Available on MATLAB R2020


  • The user can run scripts or direct outputs. This means that data processing is simple.
  • The software can calculate the standard deviation if the user provides a few date and time values.
  • It can change the properties and quality of the polar axes. It can plot graphs using polar axes.
  • The charts can be highlighted by clicking on the annotations.
  • Many toolboxes are available for users in different fields and disciplines.
  • This program also allows you to create logical arrays. This software has functions for zero, one, and eyes.
  • Images and images can be placed to make the files easier to read.
  • Pad Lab allows users to add legend titles.
  • Users can choose from C++, Java Android, and Lua.
  • Students and professors can also use the Statistical Toolbox.
  • This program allows for data processing and analysis.
  • This program also includes artificial intelligence, data mining, and the design of different programs.
  • Supports LDPC and EDA stimuli.
  • This allows you to access FPGA and HDL programs.
  • This software is ideal for all users.
  • This toolkit contains a variety of technical tools, including many that are useful for designing.
  • All tasks can be completed in a short time.
  • It is also great for people of all professions, and it helps them all equally.
  • The software also adapts to the user’s needs, so that all features are fully functional.

Configuration using MATLAB R2020

  • Operating System: Windows 7/10/Windows Server 2016, 2019
  • Memory (RAM). A minimum of 4GB is required, but 8GB is recommended.
  • Hard disk space: Minimum 30 GB, SSD recommended.
  • Processor: Intel x86 or AMD x64 processor.
  • OpenGL 3.3 on 1GB GPU.

Download links MATLAB® R2020a and R2020b


Link to download Matlab R2020a link Google drive

Part 1: Download

Part 2: Download (If it fails to work, Click here to see how you can download it now).


Link to download Matlab R2020b link Google drive

Part 1: Download

Part 2: Download (If the download fails, Click here to see how to download).

Installation Guide for R2020a and B

Install R2020a

  • Unzip the file using Winrar.
  • Install the software by mounting the ISO file in the extracted folder.
  • Select Advanced Options > My file has an installation key.
  • Enter Key: 09806-07443-53955-64350-21751-41297 and click Next.
  • Select Browse and navigate to the Cr’@ck folder to the “lisense_standalone.lic” file.
  • After the installation is complete to the folder “Cr’ack\R2020a”, copy the bin folder to “C:\Program Files\Polyspace\R2020a” (remember to over-paste)
  • Complete
  • Install the guide in the video

Install R2020b

  • Unzip the file using Winrar.
  • Install the software by running the ISO file in the extracted folder.
  • Choose Advanced options > My file installation key
  • Enter Key: 09806-07443-53955-64350-21751-41297 and click Next
  • Select Browse and navigate to the Cr@’ck file “lisense_standalone.lic” folder
  • After the installation is complete to the folder “Cr4ck\R2020b”, copy the bin folder to “C:\Program Files\Polyspace\R2020b” (remember to over paste)
  • Complete

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