Download O&O defrag Pro 26.1 to defragment your hard drive

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Download O&O Defrag Pro a professional defragmenting software for hard drives, that can be used with file systems from FAT/32 to NTFS/5 and supports arrays of Volume/Stripe Sets. You can set a schedule for O&O Defrag to start and perform certain tasks. Defragment your drive partitions regularly to improve the performance of your computer. It is very easy to use. The ribbon bar displays all the possible actions within O&O.Download O&O defrag Pro

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Features and Benefits of O&O Defrag Pro

  • O&O DiskCleaner: Find and remove temporary files and other unnecessary files that occupy memory and increase fragmentation.
  • O&O DiskStat : O O DiskStat gives an overview of the hard drive usage.
  • Performance statistics: O&O Defrag unlocks your computer’s hidden speed by rearranging fragmented files logically and efficiently.
  • Clear space on hard drive: Protect your privacy by permanently deleting free space from your hard drive.
  • Increased speed up to 100%
  • Supports 5 fragment defragmenters
  • Defragmentation automatically (adjustable in Manual mode)
  • Preventing new fragmentation
  • DiskCleaner Integrated O&O
  • DiskStat Integrated O&O
  • Filter to find the most fragmented data on a hard drive
  • SSD Optimization: Improved SSD Performance
  • It is easy to use for both beginners and professionals
  • Hardware life-span can be extended
  • Defragmenting multiple drives at the same time
  • Increase your chances of recovering files lost and accelerate your backups
  • Power management for laptops
  • Help schedule disk defragmentation
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 and Vista

Download O&O Defrag 26.1 Full Cr@@’ck

Size: 38 MB

Link to download Google drive: DOWNLOAD

Download O&O Defrag 24.1 Build 6505 Full Cr@#k

Size: 38 MB

Download link for Veryfiles:

Link to download Google drive: DOWNLOAD

Installation guide

  • Disconnect yourself from the Internet
  • Software installation
  • Register using the key in the attached key file
  • Firewall software can be used to block software.
  • Complete

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