Download PROKON 5.0 Software Detailed installation guide

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Download PROKON 5.0 Software suite of structural analysis and design includes more than 40 programs for structural analysis, detail design and detailing. PROKON was developed in 1989 and is now used in over 80 countries. The suite is modular but its strength is its tight integration between analysis, program design, and programs.

PROKON was developed by professional engineers for structural engineers and technicians. The software offers fast, reliable solutions to structural engineering problems.

  • Finite frame analysis and element analysis
  • Steel member design
  • Steel connection design
  • Design of reinforced concrete and stressed concrete
  • Details of reinforced concrete and CAD
  • Wood member design
  • Masonry Designs
  • Geotechnical Analysis

The suite offers a robust workflow, including structural analysis, steel design, and concrete detail.

You can, for example, use the Concrete Base Design Module or a link from the Frame Analysis Results to import all design loads automatically. You can also manually detail the concrete in Padds, or you can design the foundation using the Concrete Foundation Design Module and have it create the drawing and curling schedule for you.

The PROKON structural design and analysis fully supports British design codes and South African design standards. The majority (but not the entire) of modules support European, US Canadian, Australian and Asian design code.Download PROKON 5.0 Software

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Download Prokon 5.0 Full Cr4ck

Size: 837 Mb

Link to download Google Drive: DOWNLOAD | Terabox: DOWNLOAD

Installation guide

  • Click Next to install the software.
  • After installation, open the Cr4ck1 directory and copy the entire contents to .
  • Completed

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