Download Red Giant PluralEyes 4.1.8 (Win/Mac) installation guide

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Download Red Giant PluralEyes software coordinates audio and video for multi-camera views. In a movie sequence, for example, different scenes can be filmed in order to make it more interesting. PluralEyes uses technology to simplify the process. This software analyzes the sound from the camera or other recording devices intelligently and automatically. It then synchronizes and synchronizes the audio in seconds.

Download Red Giant

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Features Red Giant PluralEyes


Faster. Smarter. Better: Synchronization is now easier. There were more than 12 different synchronization options in previous versions of PluralEyes (Try really hard, Change clip-order ….. etc. You may have to do synchronization over a period of days before you can get it right. PluralEyes 4.0 evaluates the footage and uses the best choices automatically. PluralEyes will do the rest for you. Just click the Sync button.

Instant feedback: Check if your footage is synced. The images are color-coded to show you the status of each clip, so that you can quickly identify any issues on your NLE timeline.

Premiere Pro Control Panel 

Get the power and ease of PluralEyes syncing without leaving Premiere Pro. PluralEyes will do all the work for you. Just click the Sync button on Premiere Pro. PluralEyes also colors code your footage based on the results of the syncing. This helps you to understand which clips want to be focused on you.

Smart Start: Importing media is now easier than ever. Drag and drop your entire folder of press files into PluralEyes. Through synchronization it will detect the device from which you imported them. You will find that your documents are organized so web pages from exactly the same device follow the same path.

Automatic drift adjustment on long clips: Audio and video can lose perfect matching. PluralEyes, unlike any other sync app for the enterprise can take into account that perfect export and sync. PluralEyes version 4 will now automatically correct drift if it is detected. You can also choose to use the first audio with no editing if you prefer.

Music Video Workflow

The latest version brings workflows to music videos, when the same background audio has been used multiple times or in different places. PluralEyes allows you to combine tracks during the sync, muting all audio except for the home screen.

Clip spanning: To overcome file size limits, some cameras can provide more recording time by recording multiple documents and multiple camera cards. PluralEyes will detect this and combine the stretched clips to one clip. This makes working with documents easier. Expanding services for GoPro cameras is a new feature in the latest version of PluralEyes.

PluralEyes 4 offers vertical waveform scaling to allow you to see more details in the waveform.

Track comparison: Select which audio waveform appears near the movie screen to verify that clips are synced properly.

Red Giant Offload performs checksums during the entire media transfer process from your camera to hard drive, giving you peace of mind.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 64-bit is only available.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 or later
  • Magix Vegas Pro 14 or later
  • Free disk: 300MB

Download Red Giant PluralEyes Version 4.1.8

Download link for Veryfiles:

Link to download Google drive: DOWNLOAD

Download Version for Mac OS.

Red Giant collection: download

Installation guide

  • Install the Shooter Suite 131.8 by running the Setup file.
  • Enter the code in the Key file attached during the installation process
  • Complete

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