Download Typing Master Pro 10 finger typing practice software

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Download Typing Master Pro software is used to improve 10-finger typing skills. TypingMaster will help you if you need to type quickly, accurately, and with many fingers.

TypingMaster not only allows you to practice and improve your typing but is also easy to use for beginners and those who want to improve their typing abilities.Download Typing Master Pro

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TypeMaster Features

  • Analyses widget: When you are not using TypingMaster, the widget tracks your typing statistics. This will give you real-world information about your typing speed and accuracy. It can also help identify areas where improvement is needed.
  • Multiple Courses There are three main courses: “Touch Typing,” Speed Building,” Numbers, Special Marks and 10-Keypad.” Each course contains several hours of drills and lessons that will help you learn the course. You can test your proficiency after you finish the course.
  • Typing games: It’s not just about reading the course material and taking a test. Many interactive games are available to help you increase your word per minute and reduce mistakes.
  • Multiple keyboard formats: TypingMaster supports all types of keyboards. TypingMaster supports keyboards in Spanish and French as well as Canadian, Icelandic (Icelandic), Dutch, German, Italian and many more.
  • View Your Stats: TypingMaster tracks all of your progress, so that you can see where you are improving, how you have improved, and what you have achieved.
  • Save time and money by optimizing your practice.
  • It is easy to learn with the learning feature.
  • Track your progress during your training
  • Typing Pro software uses a bar graph to track your progress and keys. This software will tell you if any keys are difficult during that period.
  • This software is only 10 minutes per day to practice.

Link download TypingMaster Pro 10

Size: 9 MB

Link to download Google Drive: DOWNLOAD

Backup link: DOWNLOAD

Installation guide

  • Download and extract using the pass: 
  • Click Next to continue installing the setup file.
  • Enter the User Name as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Switch off WiFi/internet
  • Click Enter license…
  • Enter the key using the following information

Name: RathouR

  • Press Enter to Finish
  • Use the software

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