Top best and most professional C/C++ programming software today

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Top best and most professional C/C++ has become a very popular language for both programming companies and schools. You need to use professional support software if you plan to learn C/C++. This article will present the best C/C++ software (IDE) currently available.Top best and most professional C/C++

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1. Visual Studio Code

Platforms: Windows (including Linux and macOS), Linux, and macOS

Visual Studio Code will probably be the first name that comes to mind when you think of C/C++.  a powerful editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS, was launched in 2015. Visual Studio Code features debugging, syntax highlighting, smart code completions, code snippets, and code refactoring. It also has an embedded Git. Users can install extensions, change themes, and customize shortcuts and options.

Visual Studio Code has many outstanding features

  • Support for multiple languages such as C/C++ Java, JavaScript, and Node.js
  • Compact and powerful programming assistance
  • Visual Studio Code CLI
  • Git Integration
  • Debugging
  • Live Share
  • Split Views, Zen Mode
  • Helpers (Intellisense, Context Menus..)
  • The Integrated Terminal
  • Plugins and themes

2. Visual Studio

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Visual Studio is another Microsoft product. The Visual Studio suite is used for developing computer programs as well as web applications, mobile applications, and web services. Visual Studio supports 36 programming languages, including C/C++ and Visual Basic. NET. It also supports JavaScript, TypeScript, and XML.

Visual Studio has many outstanding features

  • Code editor with IntelliSense and code refactoring.
  • The built-in Debugger can be used as both a Power-Level and Machine-Level Debugger.
  • GUI applications are built using the form designer in Visual Studio.
  • Web design
  • Layer design
  • Database schema designer.
  • Git Support

3. Dev C++

Platform: Windows

Dev C++, an open-source IDE for C/C++ programmers is a very popular tool today. Dev C++ is used by millions of developers, researchers, and students for its many features, including: creating Windows GUIs or console applications quickly, static libraries, DLLs, code-completion, GCC compiler support, etc. This IDE is a good choice for students studying C/C++.

Dev C++ has many outstanding features

  • Create Windows, consoles, and static libraries, as well as DLLs.
  • Edit and compile resource files.
  • Support for GCC-based compilers
  • Use integrated debugging with GDB
  • The syntax for editor highlighting can be customized.
  • Support for CVS source code management.

4. Code::Blocks

Platforms: Windows (including MacOS), Linux, and MacOS.

Code::Block, a lightweight and free IDE for programming. It is fully configurable and extensible to meet even the most demanding needs of users.

The most outstanding features of code::Block

  • Supports a variety of compilers including C/C++ and GCC. Also supports Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Support for additional plug-ins.
  • Support for import from Dev C++, Microsoft Visual C++
  • GNU and GDB interfaces

5. CodeLite

Platforms: Windows (including MacOS), Linux, and MacOS.

CodeLite is a cross-platform, free, open-source IDE that specializes primarily in C, C++, and JavaScript programming. CodeLite includes project management (workspace/project), refactoring code, source code browsing, and syntax highlighting. It also integrates Subversion, scope, and UnitTest++, and has an interactive debugger based on gdb.

CodeLite has many outstanding features

  • Provides GCC/clang/VC++ compiler support.
  • Show errors in the editor as code annotations, or as tooltips.
  • Click on the error to retrieve it.
  • GDB Support
  • C++11 support.

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