iTools Pro Software Download Free

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iTools Pro Download Free

iTools Pro Software replaces iTunes perfectly. This program allows users to manage their iOS devices pictures, and contacts. You can retrieve device information at any time with a few simple clicks. This app is just as good as the other Apple apps. The final graphics are all beautifully and meticulously crafted.

iTools Pro Software

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Features of iTools:

  • Ringtone Maker: iTools allows you to create ringtones using music stored on your computer.
  • iTunes Access: You can access your iTunes backup files from iTools. This allows you to access older data and media.
  • App management: This feature allows you to view and edit all your apps.
  • Data Migrate: iTools support migrating data between iOS devices.
  • File Explorer: To learn more about the device, you can view the system directory and file system.
  • Desktop Management: Desktop Management allows you to drag multiple apps with a single mouse click!
  • Fast Optimization: Remove most junk files. You will enjoy a faster, cleaner, and more efficient device in nearly every aspect.
  • Battery Master: Dashboard of your battery, with all the information you need for your device’s and battery’s health!


  • Portable Disk: Transform your iPod or iPhone to a portable disk drive.
  • Transfer music from any iPhone, iPod, or iPad to any Mac or PC.
  • Real-time Desktop – Real-time project your desktop into a computer desktop.
  • You can copy all the pictures and movies from your Photo Albums or Camera Roll to your computer.
  • Real-time Log: Getting a clearer picture of the device system log.
  • Crash Log: You can view the crash log in its entirety and identify the problem as quickly as possible.
  • Firmware Download: Download the latest firmware automatically, recognizing your device. Download without learning.
  • Wireless Management – Say goodbye to cables!

Download link iTools Pro Full cr4ck link: DOWNLOAD

Download link iTools Pro Full cr4ck link: DOWNLOAD

Click Next to install the software.
The Loader is extracted and copied to the software installation directory. The default location is C:
\Program Files (x86)\ThinkSky\iTools 4
To open and use software, always run the Loader with Run as Administrator privileges.
4) Create an easy-to-use loader shortcut on the desktop
5) Done!


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